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The Non-Industrial Private Forester Land Owner

  • Comprehensive management planning designed to balance economic returns with the unique objectives of non-industrial owners
  • Full service timber harvest planning, set-up, marketing, and administration
  • Guidance and enrollment of lands in property tax incentive programs and compliant management planning
  • Wildlife habitat management
  • Recreational planning – e.g. roads, trails, leases

The experience we have gained managing 450,000 acres of third-party certified forestland for our corporate clients provides a real benefit for our private landowners. At Compass Land Consultants, we tailor these large-scale land management methods and tools to meet the objectives of our smaller, non-industrial, private clients.

Compass Land Consultant’s careful and professional evaluation of a landowner’s forest will yield a navigational trail and development of management objectives designed to promote forest health, sustainable utilization of resources, and economic returns.

We provide management plan assistance, are fluent in the requirements of tax laws designed to benefit the private landowner, can implement a silvicultural system timber harvest to meet your goals and then utilize our broad market connections to maximize your timber revenue.

At Compass Land Consultants, we specialize in comprehensive northern hardwoods forest management and deliver a quality product in a timely manner.

We Value Nature