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  • Proven record of quality and accuracy – readily passing California Air Resources Board audits
  • Efficient and experienced forestry staff executing forest carbon inventories
  • State-of-the-art forest carbon inventory design
  • Consulting services available for problem-solving forest carbon inventory issues
  • Long-term forest carbon project management

At Compass Land Consultants, we bring our extensive forestry experience to the carbon economy and have a long career of successful verification and registration of inventories.

We were involved in California’s first offset project in the Lake States region, involving over 200,000 acres of investment-owned timberland, and have since executed, supervised, and managed multiple other carbon sequestration and storage plans.

Compass offers our clients comprehensive inventory experience from a team of technically proficient professionals able to help clients diversify their forest investment and to maintain sustainable forest conditions by monetizing carbon and helping to combat the effects of climate change.

Our success allows us to offer our expertise – and evidence of accomplishments as consultants and de facto carbon inventory problem-solvers – to other inventory agents.

We Value Nature