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  • Working forest management objectives
  • Natural regeneration focus
  • Silvicultural techniques that mimic nature
  • Understanding that forests provide many ecosystem services beyond timber including carbon sequestration, watershed protection, recreational opportunities, and biodiversity.
  • Proven, responsible, long-term management of the forest resource
  • A long history of networking with other NGOs, State agencies, Federal agencies, and private landowners in developing and implementing strategies focused on landscape scale conservation projects

In the non-profit and government worlds of conservation, Compass Land Consultants’ sustainable working-forest model of large and small-tract forestry is strategic and beneficial.

Our management design demonstrates an interplay of goals between conservation, timber values, recreational access, developmental benefits, and the economy and proves that sustainable timber management and land protection augment each other to produce both value and preservation.

We offer an unmatched depth of experience in the Lake States region, currently managing over 450,000 acres of third-party certified forestlands – almost all of which are enrolled in a State tax-incentive program – with 260,000 acres registered in a working forest conservation easement.

We helped broker the Northern Great Lakes Forest Project – a successful example of how government, NGOs, and private business can intersect to meet multiple goals.

Call us to discuss our industry-recognized gold-standard of sustainable timber management.

We value nature.