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  • Numerous avigation easement appraisals completed and approved by the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics to determine compensation to the landowners for the partial taking of land rights
  • Appraisals adhere to federal and state requirements
  • Compass Land Consultants’ Forestland Management and Appraisal Services divisions enable expert valuation of trees and land which complement avigation easement valuation
  • We’ve cultivated an efficient facility with restrictions and rights inherent to property, structures, and pilots
  • Compass employs a large staff of Certified General Appraisers licensed in multiple states

Reasonable people can have differing opinions about a property’s value.

At Compass Land Consultants, one of the appraisal methodologies we use to determine value is termed “before and after” which requires two property appraisals. The property is appraised first “as is” with all its available rights intact. The property is then appraised “as if” the avigation easement is in place, which typically restricts the use of the property. The use restriction may impact the overall property value. The difference in the two appraisals is the impact of the avigation easement.

Isolating the effect of such an easement requires experience and a comprehensive evaluation.

Avigation easements require a specialized type of eminent domain appraisal. Compass Land Consultants has a long history of successful and timely avigation appraisal approval with the necessary regulating agencies.

We Value Nature.