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  • UASFLA, USPAP, and IRS approved
  • Large staff of liscensed and experienced Certified General Appraisers
  • A long history of quality reports reviewed and accepted by agencies
  • Appraisals for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, US Department of Justice, and the US Forest Service are examples of our “Yellow Book” valuation assignments
  • Fluid understanding of property donations and gift tax benefits

Compass Land Consultants routinely provides high-quality appraisal reports for Federal and State governments and conservation organizations that withstand UASFLA review and meet timely approval.

Our core specialty is valuation assignments that rely on UASFLA or “yellow book” standards for land acquisition, land exchanges, conservation easements, and grant funding.

Along with UASFLA guidelines, we provide appraisals for IRS and gift tax purposes. We urge any landowner contemplating donations of property and using gift tax benefits to contact us regarding our IRS experience and competency.

From the start, we work closely with you, the agency, and the review appraiser to meet expectations and gain timely report approval.

We Value Nature.