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  • Professional expert witness testimony and litigation support in court cases involving eminent domain projects relating to partial takings on highway reconstruction projects, gas pipeline easements, and high-voltage transmission line easements
  • Knowledgeable litigation support regarding boundary line disputes, timber theft, and issues relating to condemnation and eminent domain
  • Independent, dependable documentation
  • Broad, well-researched analysis – often sufficient to avoid court settlement
  • Experience testifying in jury trials in WI, MN, SD, as well as commissioner hearings in WI and MN
  • Several General Appraisers have BS or MS degrees in Forestry

The experienced staff at Compass Land Consultants has provided litigation support and expert witness testimony in court cases for years with some of our professionals having over 35 years of experience.

We recognize that property owners and government agencies don’t always have the same opinion about the value of private property and what just compensation should bring.

Our unique set of forestland management and appraisal service skills help us provide independent analysis and documentation valued by legal teams to resolve these differing viewpoints when they arise.

We guarantee professional, unbiased, and accurate testimony.

We Value Nature.